Vanessa: Tis A Merry Christmas Indeed

Today was all about giving and love for me. A true practice in being. I was a being of love with a desire to spread it. I wanted to let people know that I loved them and showed thenthat I cared. This definitely can be an everyday thing, but during Christmas it can be even more impactful.

I spent the day with my boyfriend and his family and it was so amazing getting to know everyone better. The best kind of love is the kind that spreads to the loved ones of your loved ones. 🙂


So for the stats

I will follow up with all job opportunities by Wednesday.

I will contact 7 people for job leads. I think this was more like 3, but that’s pretty still pretty darn good considering Christmas.

I will update my FLEX budget everyday.

I will do yoga every day. 4 of which will be at my neighborhood Bikram studio. Went to Bikram two times and did yoga via the internet twice or three times.

I will write a check for January Rent.

I will do a free fun activity with Greg. (Watching House of Cards totally counts)

will email my sister Michelle, cousins Andy and Edward, call my grandmother, and stepmom.

I will go to the library, pay my fines, and rent a book.

I will knit for 1 hour.


To accomplish this week:

I will go to the library, pay my fines, and rent a book.

I will go to bikram three times.

I will speak to Maggie at Sapient to solidify my job offer!!!!

I will update my Flex budget every day.

I will go to one free event.

I will knit for a hour.

I will cook one homemade meal.

I will go to a museum.


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