Naomi: Vacation blogging!!

So happy to be on VACATION for a few days, followed by one day of work on Monday and then another vacation over new Year’s. It’s been nice to unwind, spend time with my family and mentally and physically turn off work. This past week I did the following (underscored). These items enabled me to celebrate with friends and family and creat some more peace in my life. The highlights were quality time with Hadar and friends at Atlantic City and Prime! (the lowlights were slipping on the floor at Prime and having two men walk in while I was in the bathroom there). There were a lot of win-wins taking place while navigating different groups of friends and aligning our return trip from AC with my parents’ arrival to meet them for dinner.

  • I am committed to cleaning our apartment so it is a peaceful place.
  • I am committed to celebrating Hadar’s birthday with him with joy! (As well as Leora and Orlando’s bdays)
  • I am committed to our fancy date night out at Prime onTuesday!
  • I am committed to going to Atlantic City on Wed/Thurs and enjoying VACATION!
  • i am committed to welcoming my parents to town on Thurs night and finding a show to see on Saturday night or Sunday
  • (I am committed to reaching Lauren by phone to begin our enrollment conversation again.)
  • (I am committed to enrolling and registering Jon Gantman in deeper board involvement at PresenTense – cultivation of donors in Philly and helping us with our organizational pitch.)

I did three days of Headspace (not seven – oops) and it’s amazing how hard I’m finding it to focus and move distractions out of my head. I know, that’s how it goes during early days of meditation but I find myself with little patience. Even taking 10 minutes to do so feels difficult for me. Mind you, I’ll easily spend 10 minutes scrolling through Facebook, but focusing and laying still is VERY difficult for me. I am committed to using Headspace at least 5 out of the next 7 days. For this coming week, I am looking forward to several days of vacay and one productive work day. This week will include the following commitments:

  • Treat my staff to Spa castle on Tuesday!!
  • Plan a post-new year’s game night for our friends! (you’re all invited)
  • Consider running the NYE race in the park – not yet convinced J
  • One workout
  • Blast music in the apartment for one hour
  • Plan February Florida trip for work/fun!
  • Wednesday is ME day – not sure yet what I’m planning but it’s going to be relaxing
  • Clean out my closet

As for my relationships and enrollment I did the following

  • Brought Leora to Hadar’s bday party where she met more AED people and got excited about the Basic!
  • Called Paulina, no response
  • Spent time with Courtney, but need to restore integrity about misunderstanding

This week:

  • I will resurrect my matchmaking list and set up a shidduch meeting with Jessie
  • I will call Lauren
  • I will revisit my enrollment tracker and determine who else I want to register for January.

By week’s end I look forward to considering my goals and dreams for the new year.


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