Charlie’s Week 2 Update

Major Goal

  • Exercised 3x a week
  • Cooked my own meals for 5 days

Minor Goal

  • Continued writing down joke ideas, spent time connecting different ideas to form a routine


  • Cleaned my room
  • Created weekly schedule draft

There were some goals that I declared from last week (study for driver’s permit), but I didn’t accomplish. Totally one of those, "I got it" situations and I ended up getting cocky. Here’s what’s in store for me this week:

  • Create a 5-minute comedy routine and rehearse it at least once
  • Exercise 3x week
  • Cook my own meals for 5 days
  • Spend New Years with an old friend of mine
  • Clean my room (again!)
  • Study to get a driver’s permit

Now that the juicy bits are out of the way, here’s what’s going on for me:

I’ve been fighting the urge to fall into the drift for the past couple of weeks (posting this at 11:45 PM is probably a good indication of me drifting… hah). A lot on my mind has been focused around doing the same old things, rather than explore new opportunities. I enjoy toying with the idea of stretching in my head, but I know I’m not actually being it.

I’ve recommitted myself towards PSPLife this weekend. I haven’t been happy just chilling in my comfort zone the past few weeks. I wasn’t sad, but I wasn’t happy either. I was planning on taking this week off of work just sole I could have much time playing videogames, but I decided against it since I don’t derive much enjoyment from games these days. It’s just something to do nowadays, rather than something that makes me jump out of bed.

Truthfully, I feel silly talking about videogames so much, but I know I have an incredible videogame addiction. Playing for 4-6 hours straight is something that came easily to me. >.<

So, here are my declarations for this week (these felt more like "beings" rather than the things that I’m "doing" above):

  • No consumption of unprescribed medications
  • 1 hour max per day for videogames
  • Read for 30 minutes a day
  • Meditate/breathing exercises 3x this week
  • Remind myself of PSPLife every day to keep my head in the game, rather than just carrying out the motions

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