Hadar Stats Week 3…still poopsville

This week I am going to focus on being present and in action. I’ve been distracted by the holidays, but the lack of urgency as the year winds down, by the lack of people in the office, by vacation and hosting my in-laws.

None of the distractions have helped me pursue my goals and while this week offers only more of the same during my regular work setting and the New Year’s interruption to the flow, I’m committed to being focused and in action to set the year off right.

Below are my Poopsville stats for the week…

​Family ​time:

Accomplished: Blocked off calendar time through Jan 12th!!

To do: Create a mix (by Fri, Jan 2nd); fun drinks (Wed 12/31); TBD

Learning ritual slaughter:

Accomplished: Followed up with 2 potential teachers. Spoke with one about options in Long Island and here on UWS. Pushed on UWS option & contacted local Rabbi
to discuss​
opening to a wider audience and using synagogue as classroom venue.

To do: Lock down details to finalize a January start date – get others interested and a price quote – what’s the sliding scale if any and minimum number necessary


Accomplished: Confirmed Jan 7th Coffee at our apt

​To do: Get Ilan registered for Jan Basic; send out invitations to at least 5 people (shoot! why didn’t I saw 3?!?…STRETCH time!!); confirm speaker (if any)


Accomplished: Secured 10 Event Chairs! (yay!)

To do: Confirm date for first dinner; clean out Inbox by following up on a minimum 20 old messages

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One thought on “Hadar Stats Week 3…still poopsville

  1. Hadar. You gotta stop hating on the accomplishments you have made. It’s a disservice to perpetually feel like you aren’t doing enough.

    You are a bad ass, so start acting like you are kicking ass!

    No more “poopie” or “poopsville” please.

    Much love.



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