Eliane: 2015- The Year of the Hoverboard

I have spent the past 10 years hoping that we would in fact have hoverboards by 2015 (per Back to the Future 2). This is a slight disappointment for me.

The bigger disappointment is that I did almost none of the things I committed to doing this week. My story is that I thought that New Year’s Day was on Wednesday and I would be able to dedicate the day to my goals. However, if I was truly committed I would have also told Elliot all of this and he would have responded with something like, “Love, you know that New Year’s Day is Thursday, right?” and all would have been resolved. Before last when I realized I was off.

Tomorrow I will create a goal sheet for myself and leave it by my desk so I am simultaneously accomplish my personal and my work goals.

What I did accomplish this week:

-Elliot and I organized basically our entire apartment (drawers, cabinets, closets, shelves, decor, etc).

– We have a very nice Christmas together with lots of talking and bonding

– I did many romantic things for Elliot which he appreciated

– We had at least 3 great at home “date nights”

– I focused on being open, vulnerable and honest with Elliot and saw some great results within myself and my marriage

– I was committed to being a good friend even when I was assign the ugliest and most unflattering bridesmaid dress of all time

– After trying on the dress I committed to a diet plan and have been tracking my food and will join a yoga studio on Monday

I think that is all.

Much love,



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