Naomi, Week 3: Getting stuff done…but was that my goal??

When I look back at the week I got a LOT DONE from my commitments and feel good! But do I feel more calm and peaceful? Have I given myself a breather, downtime or enough ‘me time’? Am I falling into the same cycle??
First, here’s what I did from my list and beyond:

  • Hosted my parents for 5 days, toured NYC with them and addressed/communicated some issues that arose with family members.
  • We did the following touristy things: High Line, Chelsea Market, lots of kosher restaurants, Bryant Park shops, DUMBO, and saw friends. Hosted two shabbat meals.
  • Treated my staff to Spa castle!! Gave us off for 2 extra days of vacation
  • Planned a post-new year’s game night for our friends Saturday night! (you’re all invited)
  • Did NOT run the NYE race because it was too cold, but i was enrolled to participate in the outdoors scavenger hunt instead – which was EPIC!! I was initially really resistant because I hate to be cold and be on my feet for hours (yes, Vanessa made fun of me) but I took one for the team and had a great time in the process – and was distracted enough that i didn’t feel the cold too much.
  • I found it was soo much easier to approach people and do ridiculous things after doing similar things during LP (remember when I hugged 54 clowns??). I loved feeling carefree and not paying attention to what people thought of me. I did notice when other people were very resistant and I related to them in that way – but was happy I have worked through certain areas of resistance. The best was when I enrolled a random guy to join our team and he ended up being awesome.
  • Blasted music in the apartment for one hour while I cooked
  • Booked tickets to Florida for my work/fun trip in February! Added 2 days for vacation with Hadar.
  • Wednesday me day – went shopping and had fun, but wasn’t anything special – I got tired quickly
  • Cleaned out my closet and apartment
  • Blasted music for an hour while baking

As for my relationships and enrollment I did the following

  • Set up a matchmaking night with Jessie for 1/20!
  • Shared open shabbat invitation with older single friend who is feeling lonely
  • Got through to Lauren finally and had a 1.5 hour conversation with her – enrolled her in her future vision (post her marriage) but did not yet succeed in registering her in the program
  • I did not yet revisit my enrollment tracker and determine who else I want to invite to our coffee 😦

For this week:

  • Saturday – friends day, Sunday – me day!!! That will include exercising, watching TV, drinking coffee and convincing my buddy to meet up with me so that we can explore our dreams
  • Throw a party for a friend’s 40th – he is not excited about turning 40…we are helping him ring in his new year in style
  • Connect with Paulina who just moved to town
  • Host a coffee!!
  • Spend two nights quality time with Hadar!!
  • Plan/pictures of 3 work outfits
  • Try a new hairstyle (curls?)
  • Read Overworked and Overwhelmed, which was sent to me by mail

Importantly, I want to explore this conundrum…why do I feel i need downtime and peace and calm but feel energized and thriving when I am in action around tasks? Why do I love being busy but feel the need to not be busy?? What is underneath this and what is the way of being I am trying to get to?
I’d love to explore this with you at our next meeting.
Happy 2015!


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