Ryssel’s Stat Updates

This week has been powerful in many ways. However, I’m still struggling with overbooking with friends and ending up breaking commitments to myself. I JUST KEEP OVERBOOKING MYSELF. There is a sincere desire to really want to connect with friends, but when it comes at a cost to me, is it in integrity? So time to explore WAYS OF BEING! I coming from a place of scarcity when I make plans with friends. I believe I HAVE to see them or we will lose touch and I won’t feel connected to them. I am afraid to lose touch because truth is that I am incredibly lonely. Though I love spending time with myself, and I have been spending lots of lovely time with myself, there are times I feel the desperate need to connect with someone. It is not serving me. However, I don’t believe the overbooking myself comes from a lack of self love, but rather from a fear of loneliness. I get to work on my conversations about abundance. Abundance and Prosperity workshop couldn’t come at a better time.

Goal: Recovery

Outcomes from last week:
I did not go to an AL Anon meeting or call Jane to be my sponsor. I did Connect with Jimmy. I am having some resistance come up with Al Anon that I get to explore.

Actions this week:
-Go to Al Anon meeting with Mom
I enrolled my Mom into going to an Al Anon meeting with me! I’ve been working on it for about a year now. It was a very nice conversation where I established some boundaries and I got her connected to how it would feel like to be have a support system when it comes to my dad.
-Talk to Jane about being Sponsor
-Have a phone conversation with Jimmy
-Go to therapy with Bro
This was an unexpected one! I told my brother to ask his therapist about family therapist for all. He invited me in and we had a powerful session. His therapist invited me to do sibling therapy with my brother while we work out the family therapy details! It’s really scary but I’m committed to it. There is soooo much to explore with my brother.

Goal: Be Easy
Outcomes from last week:
-I went to a very lovely New Years Eve meditation event and I have been practicing at least 2 daily “easies” from my list.
It has been so healing. I feel at lot more at ease and a lot more connected to the universe. I am feeling more and more called to fulfill my purpose as a healer. I had a realization that my job as a healer is to practice cleansing so that I am a pure vessel in which the universe can work through. I know very spiritual stuff! I’ll write more details on this later.

That’s it for PSP life. I am still working on completing my Poetry book for PSP 2 goals with ALP6. The Ebook process has been a much longer process than I thought. I am also still working on my admission’s essay for Grad school. Got lots and lots to do. So grateful that I am committed to being easy. It’s a great foundation, and a great way to live my life!


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