Charlie’s Week 3 Update

Week’s Accomplishments:

Major Goal:

  • Exercised 3x this week


  • Spent New Years with an old friend of mine


So yeah, not much got done this week. I didn’t accomplish many of the goals that I set out to do this week. I spent the first part of this week tweaking my daily habits to gain more momentum, but when New Years hit, I hit myself with a mixture of lack of urgency, complacency, and "it can wait, I got this". On one hand, I’m pretty anxious because now I feel I have to really rush to meet my PSPLife declarations.

For example, I didn’t clean my room or cook a weekly meal on Wednesday, so I pushed it back to Thursday. I didn’t do anything Thursday because "I’m hungover" or "fuck it it’s New Years". So I had to push everything for the weekend, but I already had plans for the weekend and then my boss asked me to fix some critical things at work. It’s really been an eye-opening experience for me, seeing myself fall back into bad habits post-LP.


I’ve spent a lot of time this week looking at what didn’t work for me. This week, I’m declaring to do:

Major Goal:

  • Exercise 3x
  • Cut out all fast food and sugary drinks
  • Cook my own meals

Minor Goal:

  • Create a 5-minute routine
  • Rehearse twice in front of others


  • Clean my room
  • Study for a driver’s permit
  • Meditate/breathing exercises 3x/week
  • Create a 2nd draft of my weekly schedule
  • Begin using budgeting software

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