Vanessa: Stats. I could be challenging myself more.

So lemme recap my stats first:

Go to yoga 3 times. Start looking into yoga teacher training for the end of the year. I have not been keeping track of this goal or putting any sincere effort into this at all. Which considering the changing in work environment (I’m not on my feet all day anymore and there is free food EVERYWHERE) it poses a threat to my physicality. There is a bikram studio not far from my job which I could start going to. Or at east checking out. and apparently, Kula Yoga is about 12 min walk from here and I have nothing but great things about them.

Knit for 1 hour. More like about 15 mins of this.

Do 1 fun free thing. I am going to a free Improv show with Greg and his mom today. Should be fun and different for us to have this interaction with the two of them. 

Create new sheet for budget for 2015.

Write the address for Leah’s wedding.

Buy a new article of clothing to wear for my first day of work!  I got a new pair of shoes that I have been wearing everyday since I bought them. 

Start mini golf business plan. That’s a big nope. Not sure if I care about this anymore.

For this week

1 free thing to do with a friend.

Knit for 1 hour.

Go to yoga 4 times this week and document it!!!!

Have two enrollment conversations.

Update FLEX budget daily.

Think about how to generate other income and/or educate myself.


2 thoughts on “Vanessa: Stats. I could be challenging myself more.

  1. I completely empathize with your feeling of unstretchiness, and moreover have been feeling the same.
    I wonder if our version of tracking Stats is limiting us…and as I write that I realize that I’m coming at it from a ‘solution’ orientation – what’s the answer to motivate me or to maintain/inspire me to stretch and push…when the solution isn’t that at all.
    The solution is always going to be understanding “what’s holding me back from accomplishing __” and then shifting around it.
    So I’ll propose it to you – where do you believe you’re not being stretchy enough?
    What’s holding you back?
    How do you shift around it?
    I’m going to read Kyla’s stats, do my best to comment there and then go write in the blog about this for me since I’m due to emo-dump myself.


  2. Ryssel-

    Vanessa I completely get it. On my PSP for LP (wow I’ve made 3 now!) I had a do yoga everyday goal. I wasn’t doing it at all. I realized that yoga for me is something that I need to do intuitively when my body asks me to. The goal was limiting to me. As soon as I let go of the goal and tuned in to what my body wanted, I started doing yoga much more than I ever did. I do yoga almost everyday now because my body tells me so. And it feels good in the soul too 😛

    Maybe a similar shift will support you? I like the questions Hadar asked. An exploration of what’s holding us back and how can we shift our way of being is always supportive.

    P.S. We need to do yoga together!


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