Josh G: Stats – The Opportunity to Choose Over and Over and Over Again

How do I be open, free, trusting, vulnerable, and inspiring if I often feel small, afraid, confused, and anxious?   What I am learning is that I must choose over and over and over again. I have dealt with low-grade but consistent anxiety for much of my life. Anxiety is uncomfortable.  Each impending choice often feels like “regret in anticipation of making a decision”.  I have become aware that many of my actions, decisions, and behaviors reflect an attempt to just make myself feel a bit better.

Through heightened awareness, meditation, and a commitment to wanting to change, it has become a bit easier to acknowledge and accept the uncomfortable feelings for what they are, which reduces their power a bit. But it’s still a constant battle (a harsh word, I know) to deal with the limiting beliefs that want to usurp as much of my consciousness as possible.

…hence the paramount priority of changing my ways of being.

This week was tough. I switched to the corporate group and I am slowly learning the ropes and I often feel kind of useless. When I am bored and anxious, I create space in my consciousness for my limiting beliefs to run roughshod – i.e. the negative feedback loops that have surfed my synapses for decades – what are you going to do with your life? How are you going to figure it out? What are your goals? What is your vision? Should I go to school? What are my talents? What are my skills? How do I make the most of this opportunity… uh, I don’t know, but this is uncomfortable. But I am committed to getting to a place of THESE ARE THE THINGS THAT I GET TO DO.  And I am grateful for this work and this community whose insight and support is like a warm bath.

So on to my results:

Goal one (finding a career path) saw paltry results this week at work. But this week I am committed to introducing myself to two new attorneys that I don’t work with and continuing the networking process.  (Coaching on this goal is most welcomed)

Goal two (Health and Wellness):
-Meditated twice (not 4x)
-In addition to home workouts, went to the gym once (not 2x)
-Put on Tefilin 4x (Jewish prayer ritual) (not 6x)

Goal three (Fun and Recreation):
-Went to Brooklyn for PSP life (grateful to be a part of this group)
-Went to Hadar and Naomi’s coffee (beautiful evening of 7 people connecting around a table)
-Had a lovely Shabbat Buddy get together.
-Had my folks over for Sunday Brunch – Bagels and Lox, need I say more?

Have an empowered week,


One thought on “Josh G: Stats – The Opportunity to Choose Over and Over and Over Again

  1. Josh.

    It is exactly that. choosing over and over again.

    I am going to speak about the career portion of your PSP because I relate so deeply as I was searching for a new career track.

    It’s all mind frame, I know that this can be a very serious consideration, but I challenge you to look at it as a relationship building game. Who can you meet and what can you learn from them? What would make it enjoyable? Once I started getting excited rather than drained from the job search experience, everything flipped for me.


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