Charlie Y.’s Journal Update

Sooo, kind of an interesting week. The A&P workshop got me thinking a lot about what I wanted out of this year. I realized that (up until now) a lot of my actions were driven by “not good enough” conversations. Feeling like I wasn’t enough was the reason why I get into self-development a couple of years ago, and why I begun the Advanced Ed. workshops.

Looking at the PSP goals I set out during LP, I realized that in many ways I wasn’t connected to them. Though they were goals I wanted to accomplish, at the time, I was driven by feeling the need to “raise my stats” (so to speak), rather than the love of being in action.

I’m bored of feeling like I’m not good enough, so 2015 will an experiment where I simply live my life. I’m using this year to explore myself and the world. I’m incredibly excited to see what I can create and what opportunities the “universe” has in store for me.

I changed my major goal to focus on cooking, nutrition, and logistics surrounding maintaining healthy, sustainable eating habits. My minor goal will be the exercise portion of being healthy.

I’m excited for 2015. This will be the year where I feel like I pass “GO” and collect my $200. 🙂


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