Josh Stats – Connecting with my Motivation

So I too missed my day – I was at my friend’s bachelor party weekend and got home late last night.  I know that it’s an excuse and I know that I was cavalier about the impact on me and you, and I recognize there are consequences.  Not only do I want to be a person of my word, but it adds a lot of unnecessary stress when I am not in integrity with myself and others.  I am working on it – working on my way of being.  I know that freedom comes with my way of being.

I went to the AdvancedEd session with Liz on Tuesday about how to keep your resolutions.  I found a couple of pieces helpful and inspirational, especially the notion of really understanding your motivation for change.  For instance, you might want to change your credit score, but that might not get you excited enough to do the work in a sustainable fashion.  But if you are focused on financial freedom and what that would mean for your life, that might have the juiciness, if you will, to motivate you to  create the system that will get you there, as well as the willpower to execute consistently.

On to the results:
One of my goals is networking.  My motivation is a bit blurry and complicated around career clarity.  But I started to focus on the freedom of being a person of my word.  I also reconnected with “engage the world, and the world will engage you.”  I finally introduced myself to two attorneys that I have been meaning to meet with for months.  The meetings were short, but sweet, and the execution felt good!

Health and wellness:
Tough week quantitatively, but I got creative around meditation, not being married to how it looks or where it happens.  For instance, I just meditated while getting a haircut.  I did not get to the gym, but I continued to get my home workouts in.  I put on Tefilin every day last week, but missed yesterday and today.

I had my best friend’s bachelor party weekend up in the catskills.  I got creative and borrowed a car and bought most of the food for the weekend. It felt great to be with the boys and to celebrate the occasion.

Looking forward to another week of connecting with my motivation and honoring my word.







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