Josh’s Stats – Slow and Steady

Work has been slow.  When work is slow my not-good-enough nerd kicks into overdrive and I create elaborate stories of how I am a mediocre employee, stoking the fear fire.  But as you know, my biggest PSP goal has been to work on my ways of being.  This week I embraced the opportunity that comes with a slow week and went out each night.  One night, I went to the gym after work (the first time since I started this new job, (not gig-Naomi)), and it felt amazing!  I quickly recalled just how essential hitting the gym is to my physical, and more importantly, emotional health.  I ran a couple of important errands (repairing a winter jacket, getting reading glasses), started engaging in some wonderful flirting with a girl that was introduced to me by a fellow LP, and had a number of great calls with Community members.

I am continuing to learn that I cannot and should not try to control my emotions and feelings.  But I can always choose how I respond to them.  As I ran today in the winter wonderland that is Central Park, and all of these thoughts raced around my head, I felt a deep sense of gratitude, and focused on just being present and thankful for all the things that I have right now – health, job, shelter, loving family, supportive friends.  It’s really that simple.

My ways of being continue to inform my “results”.  I am recognizing more and more how important it is for me to be in and of service.  I yearn for connection.

Looking forward to another week where I get to work on my ways of being.  I am also mindful that there are still outstanding things on my PSP that I get to tackle (making a  Shabbat meal, having an AdvancedEd coffee).



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