Sunshine and looking ahead

Ahh, PSPLife. I had the chance earlier this week while I was in LA to have coffee with Chelsea (ALP3) and was telling her about PSPLife. Made me appreciate how authentic and supportive it is, especially when we are ‘choosing’ it. I’m thankful for you all. I did start the conversation about opening this up to other LPrs, which was one of my week’s goals.

This week, hmm. It was a packed week that began with a 4 am trip to the airport Sunday morning, had a 1:30 am layover Tues night and lots of other busy highlights. But when my work trip to LA was extended and I was forced to have some ‘me’ time – it was amazing!! I got a drink at a gorgeous hotel with a pool, sat in the sunshine (while taking some work calls, damn!) and went to the Grove – an awesome outdoor shopping area. Pic attached. Then had coffee with Chelsea, picked up a kosher burrito and was off to the airport…where I sat for 3 hours. IMAG2470
As per my goals last week, I had the opportunity to ‘enroll’ 12 new LA fellows into the PresenTense family, though I didn’t jive as much as I did with the new Chicago fellows. I think it was in my head/confidence. As for my other goals, I did spend quality time with my best friends who just moved to LA – though I oddly found myself wanting to go out at night and be in LA whereas what is most important to me is my friendship and particularly this one.

I also Skyped into the Basic graduation on Sunday to be there for my angel baby Leora, which was pretty special. Also supported at the guest event.

I only sort of took care of my self and my body – had 2 doctors appointments… didn’t really do the rest. It’s going to be my next cycle PSPLife goal.

I supported Hadar at his BIG event and it was awesome!!! So proud of him and what he created. I sort of forgot about my ‘saying no’ goal though I did start suggesting other names when orgs ask me to speak and I’m not able to do it.

This was the last week of PSPLife, right??? This coming week I have every night free so far…that is exciting to me!!! I will spend some time Sunday figuring out what I will do. There are lots of fun bucket items that i haven’t yet gotten to.

Happy weekend!


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