Vanessa: Maybe I should switch to Saturdays

So I am typing this on my cell phone as I realize that I missed my first stat day.

So sorry Vanessa and the ninjas for dropping the ball on that.

But on a positive note, my chill Friday nights have become something I truly look forward to each week. It is am evening that is all mine and I dedicate it to relaxing and self care.

Shout out to my jews for inspiring this idea. It’s been awesome. I also have been packing my weeks with fun (mostly free by the way!) And it’s really been so transformative. Focusing on the positive and building more social time has been key for me.

So self-love goal is going really smoothly.

As for creating secondary opportunities for income- I have not touched that. My commitment level is low. However, I have been watching my spending which I have never  do. So knowing where all of my money is going is a first.  Things aren’t great, but I am taking small steps everyday.

The big achievement is spending about $22 on groceries for the week and having that be sustainable and I still have veggies to cook. So it is possible. It is interesting to provide yourself with evidence that you CAN change.

Xoxox 4444


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