Hadar – Week 1

Goal 1 – Enrollment
Stats: Did not set any goal, think about Enrollment, or have any conversations, so pretty easy to say that I failed to make any headway.

Steps for next week: Set date for Coffee, share with PSPLifers, invite 3-5 people depending on responses to ensure minimum 2 yeses.

Goal 2 – Excellence at work
Stats: Did not set any real goals for the week, but had some significant accomplishments such as:
– held 6th Tech Talk, with over 75 people gathered for a Real Estate Tech Talk
– sent followup messages and met with people from Fashion/E-Commerce panel as well as other prospects and donors
– finalized Agenda & Talking Points for tomorrow’s Committee meeting
– received a target date to launch a staff/firm campaign at a Tech company that has a Jewish Affinity group and a close connection to UJA
– sent options for venues and speakers to a donor who offered to host a prospecting cocktail event for his contacts

Things that didn’t work: repeatedly received feedback from my supervisor that I’m not succeeding with my internal relationship building and getting my administrative work done at the level he expects. I also received feedback that I’m acting with too much autonomy and independence given the short period of time that I’ve been with the organization.

– Approach the role from the point of vulnerability and lack of image, which will enable me to be in an open and input-seeking place
– Focus on communicating as much and as often as possible
– Develop a simple, straightforward system for tracking all of my outstanding (and ongoing) projects and soliciting feedback from my supervisor, team members or other team members, as applicable

The challenges for me include a strong independent streak and a pattern of developing autonomy, both prior to and in this role, which lead me to be increasingly more comfortable operating on my own without looking for external input into my decisions, meetings, plans, etc.

I look forward to seeing how this plays out as I’m sure there are many repercussions in other areas of life as well and once I’m opening myself in as major an aspect of life as my work it will be interesting to see how the impact on other areas of life.


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