A day late and a penny short*

Holy mother of pearl! I’m alive!

Last night I made bad choices.  I did not stand in my power.  I did not stand in my contract.  I gained a lot of clarity.  The take-away:  I finally love myself.  And intention is necessary in every moment. Stop. Look. Choose.

Today I had a phenomenal networking meeting.  These are my shining moments.  People are generous.  They want me to succeed.  And they buy me free lunch.  Which is kinda crazy.  Talk about abundance.   Now I have a crap-ton of homework, like serious resume revisions, LinkedIn revisions, thank you notes, website specific job searches, etc.  I have prospects. I have gratitude.

In the area of my smaller goal, I am feeling the crunch, as we have our first guest event on Sunday in Philadelphia and a lot of people to enroll.  There is urgency, intention, and growth.  I am learning to ask for what I need.  I will not fear the “no”.  And I know this guest event is going to be great.  People I love will be gathered together sharing their hearts.  This work is magical.

*Technically, money is a representation of energy, and that energy is infinite.  I am a day late posting my update (thanks V for the reminder…) and developing a new awareness of money as I weave my way into a joyful and abundant job.  Today you will see a penny on the sidewalk.  Pick it up.  It is energetically money.  You are playing with the flow. Use it to pay for something…. that was free money!