GS: First post!

I wasn’t sure how to start this post, as it felt easier to write about what I didn’t do or could’ve done better, etc. I even questioned by commitment to this group, but ultimately it boils down to the commitments I haven’t kept to myself. Whatevs…let me start now.

I acknowledge myself for:

  • Getting clear on my goals for this group. I listed all the things I wanted to achieve on my PSP, but after our first meeting, I realized that focusing on improving my sales at work will benefit me long term. However, I am still struggling with my health goals (or lack of commitment to it).
  • Generating $644 in sales last week! It’s crazy how the Universe showed me the importance of my job. After our meeting on Sunday, my boss approached me on Monday about my low numbers and how I need to generate $750 per week. Mind you, I’m lucky to even make $400 a week in sales. Then all of a sudden business picked from Thursday to Saturday! This week is also off to great start–I’m already 1/3 close to my goal for this week.
  • Going to the International Beauty Show & Spa Expo on Tuesday. I’ve been out of the beauty industry loop for a while now so this was my opportunity to learn and make contacts. I connected with 3 companies–an editor for a spa mag regarding contributing to their website, and two vendors that sell skin devices at Ulta (my job). I’m committed to staying at my job for at least 1 year, but I want to keep the bigger picture in mind to work in a beauty company in education. Working in a spa is my means to get there, but I don’t want to get stuck in retail.
  • Taking a risk by asking my mom if my boyfriend can come over. We both still live with our parents, and I want to be respectful of the home. But my parents never have visitors over and aren’t the most welcoming hosts. Although I didn’t get good reaction,  I’m happy that I took that chance.

What worked:

  • Reading books now. I started reading my favorite sales books, including How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling (obvious, eh?)
  • Getting support from my Dermalogica retail specialist. She helped me pull people from the floor and obtain walk-in clients.

What didn’t work:

  • Watching TV. A lot of it! And being stuck on social media and scrolling…and scrolling…and scrolling. Today is the first day I’m being productive on a device in a long time!
  • Keeping to myself. I was in such a zone with saving for my car that I denied myself outings with friends or catching up with them. Maybe I should focus on building up my friendships and relationships again on this go-around. I don’t feel like I’m in service to anyone right now. Also, I did not get to connect with my buddy Eliane this week.

Now what?

  • Make my two days off (Tues and Wed) productive as hell! I get to evaluate what the next 4 weeks look like and what I want to create by April 15th.
  • Tap into the support of this group. I will reach out to everyone one way or another, via phone or text.
  • Follow my game plan on my PSP for my work goals, such as reaching out to my old clients and asking for referrals/reviews.
  • Go to the gym three days to speed up my recovery from my injured leg. Nothing strenuous, just light cardio and stretching. I haven’t been to the gym since last month.

Wow I actually finished this on my self-assigned day! I’m happy to have completed this entry on a Monday; it sets me up for the rest of the week!


One thought on “GS: First post!

  1. Gen I am blown away by your commitment and authenticity. We are here to support you and so happy you joined the group!


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