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Since my last post I got sick again, ended up back in the hospital and then was put on rather intense medicine. I am totally fine but sadly, I have really spent the past week focusing on my body and health. It was only today that I finally had the energy to be.

Sadly, I have known two families who, in the past 5 years, lost a child to a long and painful illness. They both were very public with their experiences. Following their experiences was traumatizing and simultaneously highlighted how strong people are and how beautifully we learn to heal and cope. For some reason, since then, I have begun following lots of social media outlets about sick children.

This past week I became aware of more people in my life struggling with health issues – Ale being one of them.

My experience over the past two weeks doesn’t even begin to compare. It was the most pain I had ever experience but it wasn’t major or scary (even though one doctor did tell me I might die and after a few very painful hours on Thursday night I actually did have a conversation with G-d thinking I was about to die). However, we do gain something from every experience and I am appreciative of the insights around health, and the complicated family dynamics that emerge when a relative is sick, that I gained from the past two weeks. Again, this experience really wasn’t anything significant but, even for a moment, it made me feel differently about the sick loved ones in my life.


One thought on “EG Stats

  1. Your compassion for others is awesome, but — remember you have a choice as to what you focus on, and it sounds to me like you have been focusing on tragedy and illness, including your own illness. I get you’ve been looking at the positive and the negative of it — the tragedy of illness or injury, but also the beauty of how folks come together and support each other. And that’s great to see that goodness comes out of dark moments, but, it’s interesting to me that you’re now seeking out social media posts about sick children. Do you have it that great strength and goodness in people can only come out during crisis? Can it exist without crisis? Can you find evidence of it where no crisis, illness or tragedy has occurred?


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