Jimmy’s post

I acknowledge that i have not been part of the team by not posting until now. I have been disconnected and commit to being my word from this point on.

Kyla and I took my Mom out for her birthday this past Sunday which was our first alone time together. Except for a few semi-uncomfortable moments due to my Mom “informing” Kyla that she WILL be getting a bridal shower and will be getting gifts and will also register to receive “Engagement gifts” too and will like it whether she likes it or not (LMAO), I think it went pretty well. Ha. I did appreciate Kyla wanting to follow through on the dinner plans after they were cancelled due to one of my sisters being sick. It gave us the opportunity to be together and acknowledge my mother. After dinner we went back to my Mom’s and Kyla spent some time with my sister Tricia and our flower connection Sue to talk about some flower options  for the wedding. I got some time this week to see my nieces and nephew briefly but not the hour each that I have declared to spend with them. I will get with them for those hours next week. I have spent a lot of time doing different things for the wedding this week.

I had 2- in-person and 1 phone coaching sessions this week and have been reaching out to get people to come to The April Couples Weekend Intro night tomorrow, though unsuccessfully up to this point.


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