Forgot a title the first time! How does that show up in my life

So happy it’s Friday that I’ll even take the snow showers raining down on the first day of spring. I landed this morning in New York after an intense 3.5 days of work travel where I led 5 sessions for probably about 150 people total. Teaching sessions on social entrepreneurship is a regular part of my work and I get better at it every time, but it’s amazing how much I still need to psych myself up before each session, and how much I wonder whether people liked me when I’m done. [What if it didn’t matter what people thought?] This time pushed me way further than before, when our client turned things around last minute and had me lead 2 sessions I wasn’t prepped for – I had to trust my gut and go with my adrenaline, and while I started off shaky I rocked the majority of it. So – work goal complete for the week.

I also got feedback from 2 people on my article which I have yet to read! But that’s what my Sunday travel is for.

As for my other goals, I did attempt to enroll friends in the Philly guest event, but I waited until Friday and forgot a key person who was interested! My head wasn’t fully in the game, nor has it been in the AED game since the last Basic, though PSPLife keeps me going.

And health – ahh. Why is it that it always plays bottom fiddle? I did do the basics and stick to my pill schedule (on antibiotics) and eat pretty healthy while traveling, but told myself I couldn’t introduce new rituals into my week when I was on the road! Guess what…I’m on the road again next week…and again for Passover and then more travel. This is my life and I get to own it 🙂

I miss our PSPLife community outside of our get-togethers. I want to tap into it more for support and to support you – especially my birthday buddy!! This community is nothing to take for granted. Next week I commit to reaching out to half the group either directly or by commenting on your posts. And the next week – the rest of you! Other than that…I am feeling noncommittal! What a weird feeling for me. I’m going to spend some time with that on Sunday and see what commitments I come up with for the week.


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