Vanessa: So Saturday it is.

I am changing my Stats day. I guess it has to do with the time and energy of doing it on a weekend day. I feel clearer and less pressure to do it.

I’ve been really digging life lately and feel like I’m forging out a path. To be honest, I have not been feeling so connected to the group or the work this time around. In my head, I tell myself that I just want a break and I’ll come back when I’m ready. I’m just feeling pretty self-absorbed in a sense that I don’t really want to reach out and help anyone.

I made phone calls to everyone last week and I was kind of glad when some people didn’t pick up the phone, but if people picked up or called back- it was great. So I really don’t know what I’m trying to create in this dynamic.

But as far as extra income and self-love. Check and check. I’ve been pulled onto more projects at work and that has generated more for me. I also got my tax return and am expecting payment for work that I did last year- so in the letting go of the insane need, I’ve managed to to generate abundance.

The seasons changing has completely altered my morose demeanor. Me not caring what my boyfriend does or doesn’t do has made me incredibly happy. Me trusting (as often as I can) that I’ll grow at work and in life professionally has eliminated a lot of anxiety. I’m just letting go of all that as much as I can, because that- those things- were what was crazing me. No more. It’s not like it’s fun.

Coupling this non-attachment practice with a more connected relationship to my health and a healthy social life and I’ve been goooood.

::high fives self::


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