Tuesday Again

Tomorrow I start a 10 in 10 stretch; 10 job applications in 10 days with a contact at each organization.  I feel deeply that this is a good (maybe even an inspired idea).  I declared it Friday night, and somehow everything else has taken priority.  I think that is the remnant of my self-sabotage.  I choose to leave it behind again and move into purposeful and powerful creation.  I know what to do, and now I will do it.

I have maintained positive momentum with networking; however, I have not been applying for 2 jobs a week (thus the stretch).   Its the nearly silent but ever present belief that gets me; pointless or, if you do get a job, you’ll hate it. I am putting it to rest by shining the light on it.

My guest event was successful and now I can focus on other aspects of bringing the work to Philly.  We have a coffee scheduled for April 4th, and after the powerful experience my parents had in the basic, I have a renewed excitement for bringing the work here.  Its a gift. Thanks for the support, I’m sure I’ll be reaching out again soon!


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