Gratitude Day 2: Shabbat

I love Shabbat – the Jewish Sabbath, aka day of rest.

Classically, it’s a day to reconnect with purpose & meaning, with family & friends, and above all, with God. It’s a day to experience Godliness by forsaking specific activities used in during creation periods, and create a new period of rest, just as God did in the Creation of the world. A time for imitatio Dei.

In the modern day, it’s also a time for unplugging from technology, from today’s non-stop distractions, with emails, phone calls, texts, notifications, banners, noises, vibrations, alerts and more. Shabbat resonates with qualities of peace, quiet, and solitude. The impact is an opportunity to piece myself back together from the week’s unceasing and unflagging fragmentation.

It’s also, in connection with yesterday, a time of eating meals, which I prefer to share with family and friends. And again, there are those who can’t afford to experience Shabbat as they might choose. I therefore made another small donation to an organization called Oneg Shabbat – meaning Shabbat delight – to help them provide Shabbat meals to those who can’t afford one…and offer them a bit of delight on a day when people shouldn’t be worrying about food.



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