Gratitude: Day 3 – Family

Naomi and I hosted my dad for this past Shabbat and I then went with my dad back to Pennsylvania to help open the cottage at the lake as well as to pick up a car for this weekend.

It was wonderful to spend time with my father, I always enjoy it, even when we occasionally bicker. It was great to have him around, enjoy meals and time with friends in his company.

I also appreciate when he goes out of his way to spend time with us or to do things for us, such as ensure that the cottage will be open for this weekend, even though he’ll be in CT.

So much of what happens to us in life is pure luck – where we are born, to whom, when and so on. I’m blessed to have a wonderful family, despite our cuckooness and times we don’t get along, and I’m thankful for them.


One thought on “Gratitude: Day 3 – Family

  1. Loving these gratitude posts. Thanks for sharing them… I like that you are also noting how being in gratitude is affecting your experience of everyday.


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