Hadar: Stats, Week 1

Apparently I’m starting things off a bit behind my intentions.  Not so good if I’m looking to focus on being in integrity with myself.

Declared for May 17th:

  • Goal 1 – Integrity
    1. begin each week reviewing the integrity check-list and use the blog as my way to mull over a distinct domain
    2. start blogging one item for which I am grateful each day
    3. have started a ‘triggers’ journal to help me assess what situations generate resistance, and complement each trigger with items that support me in shifting
  • Goal 2 – Life clarity
    1. access freedom from limiting beliefs in creating a bucket list encompassing things I wish to achieve or to do
    2. have listed a minimum of 50 items
    3. have discussed summer plans with Naomi

I’m 3 for 6, not so bad all things considered. Looking back, I underestimated how much time  I needed to kick things off right, and how much time I had available. Looks like I’m going to have to step up my game!

Declarations for this week:

  • Have a powerful small group meeting
  • Put down minimum 25 bucket list items
  • Continue to flesh out trigger journal
  • Go through integrity check list on 5 aspects of 1 domain
  • Ensure an amazing shavuot/celebration of receiving of the Torah!



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