Gratified: Day 6 – The Calm of Advance Planning

This coming weekend I celebrate the Israelites receiving the Torah so many years ago. I will have effectively three straight Sabbath-like days: no using electricity, no phone or writing, etc.

Naomi and I are headed back to PA with friends, and as you can imagine, feeding a dozen people for three days when you can’t do anything else but eat means needing to have a lot of food ready.

Today I was at work until 9pm because there are some important things I’m working on. I came home and did some food prep, however I’m not stressing out because Naomi and planned out quite a bit of this earlier in the week and shared our ideas with friends to have them pitch in as well.

So even though I’m not 100% ready, mentally I’m in a comfortable place and not stressing, which feels AMAZING relative to how else I might be right now. As such, I’m really grateful for the possibilities of mental comfort and the freedom offered by advance planning.


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