Ryssel- Week 1 Stat

Hey Guys,

Posting brief stats update. Will come back for a more detail journal entry. Overall it’s been an intense week. But it’s more like an intense life for me. There’s always more to explore!

Goal 1- Healing Career

  • This week I decided the name of my website/healing  brand. It’s “FreeToBe!”
  • I scheduled 4 healing sessions!
  • Did not start business card design but got inspiration from buddy about what I want it to look like.

Goal 2- Transition to Colorado

  • Definitely connected with more than 5 friends
  • Supported brother with putting together a family meeting to talk about psychoeducation. Happening tomorrow!
  • I did not have a connected convo with dad. This one is more difficult than I thought. It feels totally foreign and scary. Got some work to do on this.





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