Emileah- Rest Days

It is always amazing to me how 12 hours can feel so full.  I loved coming up to NYC last night for our team meeting.  It nourished me.  And totally wiped me out. SO I took a rest day today and canceled all of my appointments until I work at 3.   And I don’t feel guilty or as though I have self sabotaged.  I feel that all creatures need a day of rest, and today is mine.

It gave me the time to process some of what i am learning about myself instead of jumping into the next thing.  It supported me in being present to my goals and I know that when I show up to work tonight I will be lighter and more available to the people I interact with.  And it doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything.  Today I meditated with one of my best friends on creating peace in the world. I biked around my city and shared space and ideas with my roommate. I fed my plants and myself.  I wrote a letter of love and gratitude.  I paid my rent.

Today is a good day.  I am grateful for this community and the self-compassion you instill in me.  Tomorrow I know I will be rested enough to pick up the lantern and shine light on my goals and my dreams. Thank you.


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