Gratitude: Day 15 – The poop

My younger sister gave birth to her fourth child and 2nd son on Friday! He is my 8th niec/phew (my older sister also has 4), and it’s wonderful to once again be an uncle.

We visited my sister today soon after she got home from the hospital, and we had a chance to hold the little bugger (for the time being they’re calling him Chuck). My sister, who’s a bit worn out from the ordeal, asked me to change his diaper. It turns out (learn something new) that newborns don’t just poop; they have some kind of super-sticky tar-like substance that they need to get out of their systems that sounds something like Machiavelli.

Was it kinda gross? Yup. Did his foot kick against his own dirty butt and make it extra gross? Yup. Did he instinctive pee just as I loosened his diaper? For the trifecta, yup again!

But putting all that aside, I was happy to be welcoming a new person into our family and, please God, looking forward to getting to know and love him over the coming many years.


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