Hadar: Stats, Week 3

GENERALLY speaking I had a great breakthrough regarding how important it is for me to exercise regularly – beyond the health benefits and the feeling of being fit (or at least not being unfit and big-bellied), there’s a significant improvement to my mental clarity and acuity that attaches to my exercise routine as well. The real breakthrough was in understanding for myself just how much regular exercise like running/jogging lowers my resistance to accomplishing so many other vital things that I value.

IN that regard, I biked to work Friday and Naomi and I went for a short jog this morning. While exercise/health is not a PSP goal of mine, I plan to update on how I’m doing given the connection I made to supporting me in accomplishing other goals.

SPEAKING of, I’m coming along with my goals, although I’m not yet where I want to be, which means that it’s time to step things up.

GOAL 1: Being in integrity with myself. I have not been urgent about this goal (or my second), so I will add urgency to ensure I’m feeling and acting the ways I want to.

  • Accomplished: I’ve been fairly regular with blogging my gratitude journal and commit to being back on track tonight. I started my triggers journal, and the note above about exercise is an outgrowth of that journal and internal focus. I’ve browsed a couple domains with an integrity checklist.
  • Not yet accomplished: In-depth weekly integrity checklist review; reading Byron Katie’s 4 questions; checking in with other on my integrity items.

GOAL 2: Clarity on life direction. I’ve been resistant to pursuing aspects of this goal as I it generates a feeling of frustration for me. There’s a degree of the rest of life that I am often happy not to have figured out yet – there’s another blank, open page for me to write. The downside is that so many other items that I want – like a stable family in a Modern Orthodox community – come with a greater predictability than I sense for myself at the moment. More on this another time.

  • Accomplished: I accessed freedom in compiling a bucket list with over 50 items to date; I discussed summer plans with Naomi and we contacted friends regarding Hawaii itineraries.
  • Not yet accomplished: Over 100 items on my bucket list; sorting the list to determine low-hanging fruit and accomplishing

Coming up: Increasing my urgency on both goals – including reading and considering Byron Katie’s questions & an in-depth integrity check list; expanding my bucket list and taking out Hawaii tour books from the library.

Other: Taking care of my new buddy.



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