Fuschia cakes: Hey There

Hey guys: I’m sure many of us are reading these awesome posts. That being said, I am  asking for support by requesting that you leave a comment or acknowledge ments for read posts – even a smiley face will do, if you’ve read a post. If that’s not convenient, I’m open to other easier options.  This way I think we would feel more supported in these blog entries (or at least I would be!). Also, I requested some support in my last post and have not heard anything thus far.Would be great to know how many people have actually read thru it. e.g. If no one/very few of us are reading them, my posts will be taking on a tone that is more personal/less explanatory to an audience. My hope is that we can all read each other’s posts and acknowledge them. Thx, DC


5 thoughts on “Fuschia cakes: Hey There

  1. Hey Debbie, I have to be honest, I didn’t read your last post. Thanks for making a point of asking for support. I will pull it up. If that ever happens again, give a shout out on the chat. Much love.


  2. Hey Buddy,

    Thanks for being upfront in the support you are requesting. I’ll do my best to comment and provide you with suggestions.

    As Emileah said, tell on the chat. This blog is a far less urgent forum.


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