Hey, Monday. Lookin good : )

Friends, we’ve come to that time again… Monday.  I’ve decided to start treating Monday like the lovely day it is.  I don’t want to dread Mondays or have a case of the Mondays or do anything but live in gratitude for all of the things Mondays offer… Like listening to my books while traveling to work, enjoying that hot and delicious first sip of early morning coffee, having the opportunity to work and support myself and be in contribution and creativity and productivity.

I am deeply out of integrity with Gloria.   All I have to do is sit and write an authentic and soul-searching and humble email.  I don’t want to.  I want to watch Netflicks and do my nails.  But now I’ve told you all, so I guess I’ll be sitting with myself and writing an integrity email.  And thats where I stand with my main goal. Learning to lead with integrity and failing sometimes.  Looking at the calendar I created, I put a lot of “doing” on my goals.  I still overlook “being” when it comes to goals because its hard to measure and also probably as avoidance.  I get to be a powerful leader, and then means communicating and considering others.  Learning and stretching. Always.

My second goal is KonMari, and I have really enjoyed going through all of my clothes and noticing how I feel about them, how they make me feel, and choosing to let them go.  A big part of that was believing in abundance and acknowledging/releasing the fear that I wouldn’t have enough.  That being said, I get to make time to go through more boxes and paperwork in the basement.  SO MUCH STUFFFFFF!

Over and out!


2 thoughts on “Hey, Monday. Lookin good : )

  1. I love this post. It’s so authentic. So many times I push off doing something I’m supposed to but don’t acknowledge that I’m being out of integrity and how much more fun it would be to do my nails…once you acknowledged that, did it help?


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