EDG Goals

Hey lovely people,

This week has been rather intense for me. I would like to reiterate my appreciation for the group and the support you all provide. Knowing that you all are here to listen and will ask the right questions, is always helpful.

I learned some great lessons this week.

-I began focusing more on feeling my feelings, as opposed to processing them. I wanted to meditate (goal #1) in an effort to become more in tune with my feelings and be more aware of my inner voice and authentic self.
-I explored the benefits of empathy and how it plays our in my career, relationship with others and most importantly, my relationship with myself.
-I reflected on how having intense emotions can at times serve me and at other times, not. I also realized how having intense emotions often leads me to breakdown.

On a separate note: the search for a good therapist might be over! I finally, after a year, met with not one but two psychologists this week who were smart, insightful and empathic. It was a glorious feeling. Feeling very lucky that my new problem related to a search for a therapist be that I have to now pick one!

Much love,


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