VT: Late Sunday is my Monday

Hey y’all.

I’m so pumped about life right that I decided to blog a day early. Gotta love it right?

Well to be honest, I am loving life right now. I feel like the heavy fog I was under for the past few months has finally lifted. I’m feeling good. Hopeful. Working towards making progress in the areas of my life that need improvement and just feeling genuine gratitude for the things that are so wonderful right now.

Talked to Kyla today and we both were so astounded by how dedicating yourself to just one goal. One thing that you want to do has such a ripple effect in the other areas of your life. By remaining committed to my yoga practice, just four days in, I find that I’m making some better health decisions (being cognizant of how much I drink, cooking at home, etc) and am generally peaceful and playful. Loving.

The additional financial flexibility that I’ve created from my serving gig has played a HUGE role in how relaxed I am. And it’s definitely not that money is everything, but to finally feel at ease and in control of my finances after YEARS of mismanagement has given me such a great sense of accomplishment. All that inner turmoil about making ends meet has certainly dissipated.

I’ve also seen a huge boon in my social activity which has been so great. Joining Toastmasters (shout out to Cycle 3!) has been huge and Bitchcraft is really such a great creative repose.

All of this positive is flowing into my relationship with GT after a crazy rough patch. Feeling loved and appreciated. Dishing those feelings back out to him.

Looking forward to getting my knitting started this week. A woman from work is a knitter extraordinaire which has been really lucky for me.

I did tell Kyla that I am so happy that things seem to be going well, but the second some resistance surfaces (because it WILL), that I’ll text her.

The overall goal for me this cycle is creating discipline; and the definition of that for me is overcoming resistance.  (Ohh, that sentence just gave me chills!)

So… To Dos. By next week Monday I will:

  • Buy yarn
  • Watch 2 youtube tutorials on knitting
  • Knit my first square of knit stitches and purls
  • Work on my headstand and keep up that yoga momentum
  • Pick up a recommended yoga teacher training book from the library

So much love to all of you.

4444 and Namaste



One thought on “VT: Late Sunday is my Monday

  1. I am LOVING your energy right now!!! and love your dedication to commit yourself to break through resistance.


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