GS Stats Post #1 Cycle 4 (Updated)

UPDATE! Here is the video of my stats. Please add your comments to this post or on the YouTube link. Thank you so much! 

I learned a few things from creating this: (1) Gotta use a better camera, my iSight cam sucks on my laptop! (2) Don’t put the stats post to the last minute! (3) Increase my enthusiasm & be laser (the original cut was 12 minutes).

Feel free to add yours!


I had originally intended to post a detailed video of my stats, but the editing process is taking a bit longer than expected. Also, it doesn’t help that I put this off to the 10th hour (literally!). Vanessa suggested I not be attached to posting the video now so below is a pic of where I am with my goals. It’s a crazy outline but hopefully it will make sense.


Also, here is my status of my 360beautymaven branding.

imageIn the meantime, I’ll return to my editing!


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