EDG Update

One of the holiest days in the Jewish year, Yom Kippur, just came to a close. The holiday is focuses on reflection, repentance, asking/giving forgiveness, finding ways to transform and connecting to ones community and G-d. It also involves fasting for 25 hours. So naturally, I love this holiday. I’m the only one. It really is the perfect way to begin our 4th cycle.

While there were many beautiful things that I learned and experienced, I can’t seem to find the words to share them at this moment. I will say, I feel great. I feel truly honored to be part of so many communities that are focused improvement – individually, as a community, and in the world. Once again, thank you for your support and inspiration.

As for my goals – I’m a turtle. Slow and steady.

Thanks to Josh, I downloaded the mindfulness app he recommended and I love it. It’s a struggle for me to get started but once I do, I appreciate it. I must hold on to the memory of how I feel after to motivate me to start. It’s great to think about how much harder this experience would have been for me before Advanced Ed. My mom also sent me some information about other classes and opportunities which I will look into.

I also have been reading a lot. I finished Think Like a Freak, which I loved and requested another book from the series from the library. I also started a book on Happiness Psychology by Tal Ben Shacher, which I have learned with and truly admire. This week I discovered a new podcast that just launched and I love it. I actually think many of you will like it as well. It’s called Hidden Brain (http://www.npr.org/podcasts/510308/hidden-brain). The biggest deterrent to me reading more is my habit and most likely addiction to TV. Since I moved to NYC I have been using TV as a crutch and I often find that time I could be reading, I chose to tune out and watch TV. #badnewsbears

I have also fixed my resume and am ready to send it out. I have been in touch with a few friends for advice and to help me network! While I didn’t apply to two jobs this week, I will next week.



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