Working toward 100%

If it weren’t for this team and blog, I don’t know that I would push myself on my goals. It’s the accountability and authenticity that does it – and I am LOVING reading your posts and feeling your vulnerability. While my goals this cycle don’t feel as vulnerable, they are tapping into some of my ‘how I do anything is how I do everything…’

So first, my health goals. I went for a good run on Sunday, did a lot of walking and am going biking today with my buddy! I’ve also been sticking to a relatively low FODMAP diet for several weeks now. It’s impressive, considering the insane amount of regular food items I need to avoid, and particularly over the eating extravaganza that is the Jewish holidays. The biggest change is going low gluten, and when I tried this once before, years ago, I felt totally empty and deprived. This time, I researched and planned and realized I can eat rice, oats, potatoes, etc…which easily fulfill that need. The only challenge is avoiding those convenient and sometimes social foods like bagels and pizza. As for new recipes, I made oat flour with Hadar’s help which allowed me to make delicious chocolate chip peanut butter oat cookies. (Pic below). Instead of breaking my fast on a bagel we enjoyed high protein, healthy food. 

However. What i notice is that when I have a structure or set of rules to follow, I do well. I like rules and I like results. But I don’t keep it 100%. I cut corners. I eat things that have dried garlic in the ingredients, or pour a splash of milk into my coffee when I forget my lactose milk at home…figuring, eh, I’m going far enough. It’s mostly laziness, which we know is just a cover for not being committed enough. I do this a LOT in my life. I remember someone in the Basic cutting a corner of one of the ground rules and thinking nothing of it, until Ken asked her where else she does that in her life. For me, it’s not about whether or not I’m following the rules. It’s about whether I’m going 100%, and so often I don’t. I give up, figuring it was ‘good enough,’ and it usually is. But in this case, as in every case, 90% to 100% could be the difference I am looking for in good health and high energy! And yet I’m not willing to go 100%! My story at the moment is that I’m waiting until next week’s GI appointment before I commit to a diet 100%, since I self-diagnosed and put myself on this diet without a ton of evidence.


As for my loooove goals. I set up a matchmaking meeting with a LOT of back-and-forth with my two friends, who have crazier schedules than I do. I probably would have given up if not for my goal. And of course, the meeting is set for a month from now, which means I get to get to work on my own.

I first reached back to a few past matches I had been working on. They tend to need a lot of nudging. One match is E & L. E is a sweet guy who works as an accountant and plays it safe. Very close with his family. He’s looking for a sweet, spunky girl who will make him laugh. L is fun  – outgoing, loves to travel, and great at her job. They’re in similar social groups but not the same group. Both very much looking to meet someone.

I’m working on a ‘formula’ of sorts though I know ultimately it’s about gut and chemistry. I’ll share more next week on this.

The other match is A & D. Both intellectual, adventurous, opinionated, up for a good discussion or a good time. This is a match made in tandem with a friend, so I reached back out to her today to see where things stand. (Sometimes things get lost in the cracks or the guy, ahem, is taking his time…)

And last – I almost started looking into matches for another friend, R, when we realized together that who he was looking for may already be in his life…

Because isn’t it about the end goal? the love, connection, happiness everyone is looking for?

as for other goals, went to ALIs, submitted a grant report not for $75K but for $85K!

Up next week: Lots of family and friend time over the holidays. More disciplined eating and tons of walking. Red Elephant with my awesome ladies Vanessa and Kyla and two dr.’s appointments on Friday. Will get to my list of 10 men and 10 women next week since I didn’t this week.

Love you all!


2 thoughts on “Working toward 100%

  1. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with this “90%” is good enough thing. I totally get that by the way.

    And I am so glad I said yes to Red Elephant. I think it’s going to breathe some life into my career soul.


  2. Re: setups and matches, I get the sense that there’s a hesitation to go all out, to risk, to try suggestions that others may not see 100%, to enroll people into the essence of the other person, etc.

    I wonder if this is the same hesitation regarding enrolling people into the training – looking for someone who is already open and searching, rather than having a conversation that creates the space for someone to consider how Basic & Advanced could change their life.

    If this resonates, how can you tap into a new approach that empowers you with both of these items and in other similar areas?


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