In my first goal of making more money in my retail business I accomplished one of my first steps and ordered some of my fall retail items.  I also met with a friend to discuss a new sales process to help determine profits and losses.

On my second goal of starting a new relationship. I have done no work and have just shut down on this. I spoke with my Buddy this week and realized that I am not connected with the end goal.

Yes, I did work on my first goal but I didn’t do it with excitement or passion …more of get it done so I can report it on my stat post.

As for my second goal I kept talking myself out of it that I was too busy for this to be important.

Without a vision…I just feel disconnected.

I declare connection this week to drive me to take committed action to do what ever it takes.

Before I go to sleep to night I will get connected with what it is that I want and come from a powerful place tomorrow ready to get that much closer to all I desire.


2 thoughts on “Disconnected

  1. Awesome to hear that you’re making progress with retail items – there was a lot of resistance to that.
    How are you feeling about the end goal (financial freedom) – is it becoming more real to you as the daft for the closing nears?

    You outlined taking on the traits of the partner you would like – what concrete ways can you delineate about how you will embody those traits this and next week?
    How do you expect others to react to you when you display that openness or warmth?
    How will that create a difference for your family, friends and community?


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