VT: Momentum and steady progress

Last week I said I was going to do the following:

  • Buy yarn
  • Watch 2 youtube tutorials on knitting
  • Knit my first square of knit stitches and purls
  • Work on my headstand and keep up that yoga momentum
  • Pick up a recommended yoga teacher training book from the library

Here is what I actually did:

  • I got started on my first mini project in my quest to knit. One of my friends at work happens to be a master knitter and gave me a starter pack called “Knit this purse!” That had a little illustrated instruction book and all the tools I needed to learn to knit, purl, and cast off. I am on my second row of knit stitches and it has definitely been a test in patience and resolve. I will make that tiny purse damn it! Once that is complete, I will be able to confidently make my scarf. I’m clear on that.
  • Watch youtube tutorials on knitting. I did not do it this time around. I could do it today, but I would rather stick with the book and the guidance from my knitting mentor.
  • I have yet to knit my first purl stitch, but I will soon.
  • I have been working on my handstand and have been doing yoga every day. The fun thing about this goal is that dependent on my mood and energy level, I’ve been exploring different types of yoga- yin, chair, yoga nidra, etc- to make good on my promise to myself. And it’s been more joyful and enjoyable because of it. I am showering myself with compassion which is not a habit that I had before. It’s nice. Well more that nice, it’s personally uplifting to take care of myself in this way.
  • I have the books on hold for myself at the library!!!! I will pick them up today. I have learned that I really love chanting and want to learn more of it.

Other fun facts about what I’ve been up to:

  • I won my Area Toastmasters Humorous Speech contest. First place! Now I’m going to Districts! Courtesy of my cycle 3 goal to get the chance to speak publicly and now I’m competing!
  • I worked a Travel Conference aimed at Urban Millenials called Nomadness. It was so amazing to work with a bunch of good natured, open minded, creative, and fun individuals! Hopefully I can cultivate more out of that. You know what!? I WILL cultivate more of that.
  • I’ve been having growth conversations at work that have been going my way. It’s been great to hear people on the ground rooting for and vetting for me.
  • My practice of non-attachment as far as what other people say or do is going well. Letting go is getting easier and easier

Things I will do this week:

  • Continue knitting my purse
  • Continue convos at work
  • Read from my yoga books
  • Send emails to Nomadness crew

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