Week 2

I have been in Greece for the last week and finally returning to NYC tomorrow.

For some reason, I feel anxious about work during this whole trip. I am checking emails and not much popped up from work and I am worried that conversations are happening behind my back. I am fearful and worried without any evidence to support it. I want to say all that because it has been on my mind and I feel better sharing it. Also, I believe that ‘only the paranoid survives.’ I get uncomfortable when I am comfortable.

Now onto the psp.

I have been setting up dates while I am away. So far, one date for Wednesday night and attending social mixer on Thursday night. While I was on the Greek island of ios, I met this lovely French girl named Pauline and I couldn’t get her out of my mind. We had a sweet connection but she was with her friend and I didn’t ask her out. We exchanged fb and promise to connect some point either in NYC or London.

I also met a cool woman named Lindsay a week before I left NYC in a social dynamic class. We also made a nice connection but didn’t have the ball to ask her out that night. We exchanged numbers and exchanged a few text and promised to connect. I will ask her out when I get back to NYC. She is someone I can see myself having a long term relationship with.

While I was on vacation I read a new dating / relationship titled ‘Mate’. One of the major take away is do crossfit to be physically fit. I am looking to incorporate that into my 2nd psp and do a few trial class since I have never been to a crossfit class. Brandi, I will be contacting you soon!


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