JBG – When the Heart Aches…

Sometimes life helps you achieve your PSP goals.  I haven’t been feeling well. Over the last number of weeks I have been feeling sluggish and tired.  I have attributed it mainly to stress at work, stress in my relationships, and life being hectic in general.  This past week I have been feeling a tightness in my chest and discomfort.  I am thankful that I have never really had any health issues,  but I am on notice.

After consistent discomfort over the Holiday weekend, I went on Zocdoc and made an appointment for tomorrow morning.  I have a hefty history of heart disease in my family, so there is an added pang of concern, but I am optimistic that this is nothing – but a learnable moment.  I am proud that I am facing fears, dealing with resistance and will deal with whatever information I receive.

In times like these, Lea would be the person that I would turn to, as we were alway there to support one another.  How much Lea’s absence is a contributing factor to this heartache is unclear, but I do miss her a lot as well as her support.

This is new terrain for me.  I march on, an open, free, trusting, vulnerable, inspiring man.




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