GS Week 3

Here’s to another week in October! Here’s what’s going on…

  • The co-worker issue is now resolved. I received a written warning and had an honest conversation with my co-worker and my managers present. I apologized and committed to rebuilding our relationship professionally from now on. Part of me is sorry that I was reported, but it also made me realize that I may not have the best interactions with people. I don’t want to be self conscious though.
  • As per last week’s post, I completed my YouTube video & blog post.
  • Didn’t make it to the gym though and not this week (as of yet). I did inquire about pole dancing! The instructor is plus size and very good! She has a beginner class on my day off and it’s $20-30, which is way affordable than the lesson. I’ll be going next Wednesday (tomorrow is my small group meeting).

I went to to a networking event for cosmetic professionals tonight. I thought it would be another easy time to meet new people, but upon entering, I felt self-conscious!! My first interaction was awkward (IMO), but I bounced back with someone else. Ironically, it was a speed networking event. I also have the story that people will only find me interesting when I mention my previous employer, which is the #1 beauty company. My own introduction was confusing as well–do I start off as a beauty blogger, or Esthetician, or former corporate person? Then again, I despise defining myself by my job.

Looking back (without judgment), it was a matter of preparation. For example:

  • Setting my intention: to make contacts for future positions, promote blog
  • Practicing my 30-60 second introduction
  • Perhaps coming up with icebreakers
  • Grounding myself emotionally! I am genuinely fascinated with people and I want to make it about them.



One thought on “GS Week 3

  1. JBG – Way to take a potentially challenging situation and see it for what it is – information. Information that you are taking and choosing to grow from. Nothing more inspiring!!!


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