Week 3

So I am moving along at a snails pace on a lot.  Any free time I have I am finding that I need to unwind and just relax, but I am committed to my longer term goals and I will make them happen.  The biggest hurdle I have is to relinquish some of the care of the baby to T and perhaps at some point to another person or daycare for a day although there isn’t an ounce of me that is anywhere near ready to do the latter.  The truth is that I like the closeness that exists between myself and my daughter….I like being the one she wants to be held by.  I do however recognize that in order to accomplish what I have on my plate that I need to relinquish some of what I am doing.  On the upside, I did call the therapist today to set up an apppointment.  We played phone tag and so I will call her again tomorrow.  I had a lot of apprehension about kicking this off, but once I committed to be in action I followed through rather easily.  So much power in committing.  I am finding that I want to be relaxed in order to create/design and am not choosing to just push through there.  I have so many new ideas there though.  I am working on going to sleep early as I wake up most days at 6am with the bambino….haven’t been too successful here.  Trying something new in this moment…I am committing to going to bed by 10 for the next week.  Ha!  Bam…..there it is.   Off to sleep now as it is already past 10.   Thankful for our small group meeting last night….felt refocused and supported.  Thankful for this space and for you all!  Xoxo….night.


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