Hadar – Week 4

Goal 1 – what’s been going on:
Forward progress on some side gigs – made $100 this weekend.
Had a great conversation with someone who manufactures his own goods and sells via big box retailers/Home Shopping Network and will have a follow up conversation to glean ideas.
Got a file to work on for AJW and now need to set up a work schedule so that I can be responsible to my 9-5 job and be productive after work.
Confirmed that JG still keeping me in mind for future gigs

Declaring for this week:
Set up a schedule
Analyze AJW file and find 5 possible leads to contact
Ask KG for contact re: Amazon

Goal 2 – what’s been going on:
A whole lot of eating (I know the holidays just ended! I know!), and while I was good Wed-Thur-Fri, I kinda pigged out this weekend (it was just so good!!), so time to pick up the pieces.

Declaring for this week:
Back on to push up challenge
jog 2x
drink 40+ oz water/day
min 3 salad lunches
join office lunch-time walking group

Other stuff that’s going on…very seriously considering Senioring next LP if 1st weekend moves from this coming weekend to the next (wedding on Sunday). If can’t senior then declaring service team for 11.
Even with PSPLife I find that being in a rigorous space of setting intentions and focusing does more for me…I stay in the mind space to a degree that is hard to maintain outside of the rigor of the training room.
What does that say about:
the power of the drift
the difficulty (potential impossibility?) of maintaining that level or lifestyle in the world

Any and all thoughts welcome…


One thought on “Hadar – Week 4

  1. It says nothing about you unless you say it does. ;0) It means that, just as with any other challenges in life, it requires a lot more practice and work outside of the more structured environment than within it. There will be breakdowns and picking up the pieces and starting once again and effort, thats all.


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