Rising strong is a choice

This week I feel like things are moving in the right direction.  I  have had my nerd show up buy my nerd seems to be not as strong. This feels weird as my nerd is hulking out you know ….strong! Progress at it’s finest seems not to be a huge stride but small consistent steps in the right direction.

Goal 1: Making additional income I have been working this week on the tedious process of trying to get my numbers in order after being gone last week to create a sales process. I reason that the amount of work involved to be exact is not worth the 1,000$ of extra cash. But, I finally reached out for support so let’s see what next week has in store.  To be fully accountable, I have not achieved getting the numbers to match up which was my first by when.  I skipped along once I realized I wouldn’t meet deadline and went on to the second by when and started attacking that. I do that a lot in my to do list.  I work on something and then if I don’t complete it in a day or two or the time I scheduled for my “operating hours” that day, I start to get anxious that I will never get anything else done in my life and fall behind in everything if I don’t move on.

So I have a lot of 2/3 done on my to do list or goals. I also get anxious about to many places to organize my to do’s google calender, trello, google drive psp folder, gmail. So then I start organizing my to do system to make it more streamlined or create rules so I can be more disciplined but then once again after working on it for a certain amount of time I stop because the time I have alloted for that has passed and I move on to the next to do item.  Yikes…OK back to my planned blog post entry Rising Strong! (notice my mental time to devote to that topic has been exceeded)

Kyla gave me a book for my birthday, Rising Strong (hence the title). I have to admit my first thought  was like wow what a loser I must be if people on the outside can tell I am going through a crisis. And how could I let this loser ex-boyfriend have such an impact on me. I am stronger than that! I love Kyla and respect her so then I decided let’s dig in.

The most valuable part was the part about what the author calls “the rumble.” This describes a part of our process in dealing with things that sucks and that is tough.  She defines this as getting honest about the stories you’re making up about your struggles and challenge yourself to determine what’s truth, what’s self-protection and what must change to live a “wholehearted” life.  This is the part I would normally start to self judge or beat myself up about and wonder why can’t I get through this or this is awful!  But the author goes on to explain that it is okay that this is tough and it is okay this tough part can not be skipped.  So as I read the blog I recognize “the rumble”! Rumble on Brandy!

On a separate note: I find myself wanting to do or read a lot and feeling a bit overwhelmed. Like I want to rush through and take part in all of the coaching opportunities that present themselves or trainings business or personal wise but its like I don’t have time to practice or put the other one in place first. So, I am going to reread the book and take notes this time so I can really practice and integrate and ultimately rising strong!


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