Hadar – week 5

Goal: side workStats:

  • I have sent out approximately 16 lead generation emails 20 that are due by Wednesday. I have also looked up additional email addresses to prepare a list. 
  • I also lined up a side gig for this coming weekend for $100. 
  • Spoke with MS re: discounted gift cards and his prior startup. I have a few more conversations that I’m setting up about launching a merchant account on Amazon. 

To do – 

  1. Continue emailing for Lead Gen work
  2. Have conversations, create account, select initial merchandise and source wholesaler, put items up for sale

Comments: I slacked off from what I stated in my PSP regarding setting new quantified steps for this goal and in doing so, I set myself up to fail. Only when my buddy pushed me (thanks buddy!) did I realize I was allowing myself to ignore the work simply because I had no numbers to hit. 
Goal: healthiness mindset and habits


  • I biked to work one day this week
  • Went jogging today 
  • Started using an exercise ball in place of my chair at my desk for a good chunk of the day

To do: 

  1. Renew my habit changing efforts in terms of drinking water, taking midday breaks and creating a work environment that supports wellbeing
  2. Set days and times for additional exercise this week


My weight has fluctuated and over the last few weeks I’ve backslid into old overeating habits after doing so week initially. This truly is an all the time mindset, especially since I need to counter old habits of sitting and continuously eating nonstop for hours on end. 

Also, my commitment to the push-up challenged wavered relatively early on, but once again with my buddy’s encouragement I’ve at least been doing push-ups nearly everyday for the last week. 


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