If you don’t push further than you’ve been, you’ll never know how far you can go

(I didn’t make up this title, obviously…some version of it is written on a sign during Stretch Day!)

I’m feeling good today – went to an aqua boot camp this morning with my coworker and pushed through the full hour!

Lots of things came up for me around this. I have this weird limiting belief (that is fully then a self fulfilling prophecy) that I can’t handle too much physically – exertion, pain, stamina. It was shocking to me when I started running that I could actually handle it! Yet it was likely because I did it on my own terms – through a Couch to 5K, a regimen that allowed me to build up slowly (and we know I love structure and accountability). Today was the first time in probably 15 years that I went to a class at a gym. I always assume I can’t handle them and give up halfway through either of exhaustion or boredom. I even warned my coworker (who is a serious athlete) that I’d probably give up. But I didn’t! I loved it. Went the full hour and felt the good kind of tired by the end. I loved that the routine changed every 60 seconds or so and that we were all in it together.

My next step is to try a spin class with my friend Rochie, though I know spin is wayy more intense. But I’m excited! That’s one goal for the week – set up a spin date.

Otherwise, my health goal is going well. I went to my GI for a follow up this week, found out I had only done half my homework (sometimes I have selective attention) and now have more to my regimen. I’m feeling good about it. Also got good bloodwork back – all is clean, and she suggested things other than major diet changes, which is good news. Now I get to go to ANOTHER doctor, though, this one less fun and comfortable, and push myself in a new area. I made the appt, which I acknowledge myself for.

I also got a flu shot. Phew!

In my love goal, I had my matchmaking meeting this week! It’s clear that it’s way more effective to make matches in a group – more brain power and more motivation. Not to mention broader networks.

We came up with 25 matches!! and for some people, more than one suggestion. I have 3 to follow up on personally, plus I want to brainstorm more on some of the people I brought up but who didn’t get matched. I will focus on enrollment when I speak to them.

Also did some enrolling this week for Advanced Ed, for the course and for a coffee. TBD…

Beyond that this week, I WORKED. A LOT. There is just so much to do, and I really thrive off the busy-ness. But got burned out quickly this week.

Up next week: a trip to DC to train a new staff member, host an event, run a board meeting and generally stay on top of things. That is all work, though, so I am adding one workout (maybe swim class with my mom!), one sleepover at a friend’s, a date with another friend, and – next Sat night, though after my next post – Spring Awakening!

And first – the weekend. Shabbat meals with friends, date night with Hadar, lazy Sunday morning and then hosting you lovely friends! See you then.


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