Contribution – day 4

#1, to my father.

Had the conversation about the questions I need to ask him regarding the amount of eyesight he has left.  It was a lot less painful than I thought it would be, and I got unexpected support from my mom and sister.  I spend so much time protecting myself from my family I forget to allow them to support me.

#2, to Jimmy

I supported him in working through some blocks with regard to his business.  We came up with a new idea that seems to be a great fit.  Figuring out what your passion is ain’t that simple, and it’s uncomfortable and it’s frustrating.  I acknowledge both of us for embarking on that journey and sticking with it (why not).

#3, to myself.  I woke up in a shit headspace.  I had bad dreams the night before, and even though it was Thanksgiving, I just couldn’t stop the dark thoughts from flooding in.  About death (and, in turn, scarcity around life), fear about the future, discomfort with my own existence.  Dark and heavy thoughts.  So I went running, and I ran hard.

Think you can’t break yourself out of a negative thought pattern?  Sweat.  Do something to sweat.  Do it harder than you’ve ever done it.  Do that, and it will pass, even if you stubbornly try to hang onto it.

Short post today, I may elaborate more on the above later.


One thought on “Contribution – day 4

  1. So many great things here!
    Lesson about how the anticipated pain usually far outweighs the actual pain – whether a conversation, a procedure, awaiting information, etc. Speaking with your dad turned out easier than you expected and there may even be a way to help him because of the information you now have. Amazing!

    Contributing to Jimmy means also supporting him in growing his business – which is terrific! Who knows if/when he’d have seen that possibility on his own and now he does.

    Finding a way to shift out of a funk is such a great skill…it’s often really difficult and a great lesson as well.

    Great day from a contribution/lesson perspective!!


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