Speaking in my power

I keep having a funny experience this cycle, my 5th cycle of PSPLife. I’m energized by the consistent posting and sharing and hearing what everyone is up to. And each time, I need to remind myself of my goals – what am I committed to again this cycle? OH yeah, yoga and powerful communication. I’m excited about these goals and yet I’m not yet feeling connected. Time to take them on…

So I’ve started the doing to create the space for the being. I ordered a yoga mat online and looked into some local yoga studios. I blocked some time in my calendar over the next few weeks for yoga – Sundays and/or Tuesdays. I’m excited to get going! I haven’t yet been to an actual yoga class. Earlier this week, the only day I would have had the time to go, I simply could not get the motivation. It was the day I shared I felt really blah on whatsapp. And I did – haven’t felt that way for a while, and I was thankful that that quickly passed and I was back to myself the very next day.

So Tuesday’s the day I get to go, and I get to stretch by trying a different studio! (The one I favor doesn’t seem to have classes Mon/Tues).

As for my goal of communicating like the powerful and vulnerable woman that I am, I did some testing. At a party for recently married friends we played a game where we shared blessings from the fortune cookies on the table. While lots of people seemed uncomfortable with the idea, I jumped right up and offered my blessing, setting the stage for others to stand and deliver their thoughts rather than mumble them from their seats. I was reminded of how much experience I’ve had with public speaking and how when I’m ‘on’ I feel great and confident. Time to translate that to my everyday interpersonal communication.

I also had a performance review with one of my colleagues (as in, I reviewed her). When we got to the supervision review part of it, she shared only one piece of feedback. It was useful, and I felt somewhat relieved that that’s all she shared. And yet I pushed, and asked her to share more about how she experiences me as a boss, and as a leader. I felt I took a risk but also spoke powerfully and openly, giving her the chance to share more than she would have. One of the biggest things I get to work on is giving and getting feedback, and I think this plays into my powerful communication.

Looking forward to the next week of the cycle, when the holiday ends and normal life resumes. Happy Black Friday all! (more importantly, so thankful and appreciative of you all – you enrich my life so deeply!)


5 thoughts on “Speaking in my power

  1. Congrats on taking a risk and being brave to ask your employee how she experiences you. Great for your own personal growth too to get that feedback.


  2. First, I too LOVE the degree of sharing, posting, commenting and communicating that we have going this cycle, and I’ve taken on receiving the new posts by email and finding a time to comment on nearly each post. I believe this high frequency sharing will serve not only the larger group, but also each of us, whether we’re the poster or reader.

    Second, Naomi, I think one of the biggest opportunities for you with the yoga goal is facing moments when you feel blah and learning how to shift around them.
    What are some options for you that you can put in place now ahead of time?


  3. Naomi, I really enjoyed how you asked how she was experiencing you. I have asked for feedback before but have not gotten much of a detailed response from most. I am inspired by this and will try shifting and trying something different next time I ask for feedback of my employees.

    On a different note, your goal of speaking powerful has caused me to start to be aware of what I am saying at work and how I am describing stories or situations. Just this awareness has highlighted an area I get to work on and have started to improve this week.


  4. I’m excited to see you take on the yoga goal — if you felt resistance to it that day, there may be something BIG in what seems like a smaller goal. And I should’ve asked when you shared it on whatsapp, but I’m curious to know what’s behind the “bleh” feeling you had. There’s nothing wrong with feeling that way — but it could be valuable for you to take a look at what, specifically, came up.


  5. Your comment about giving and getting feedback has been in my head for some reason lately….I just wanted to put this out there and in doing so I want to put the disclaimer out there that I am not clear on what is underneath this for you…. Giving feedback, if it is coming entirely from a place of pure concern for the person’s growth and well-being, is always better than silence. No matter what the actual words used in the feedback are, nor how eloquently the words are strung together, the intention will always shine through. Maybe it won’t land with the person the way it was intended, but it is always helpful to the person to give it a shot. It might actually be a disservice to someone if the feedback isn’t given as we are all so different and others may not pick up on the same things you will/do.


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